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Personalisation Best Practice Guide

‌ Research shows clear benefits for companies that make personalisation part of their business strategy. This report provides guidance on how to enable and deliver personalised experiences at scale through data, tools, techniques and people.


Personalisation in 2023: What do the experts predict?

Personalisation – is it the key to conversion and the logical endpoint for comms, or merely a marketing pipedream?

The answer is likely somewhere between the two, but to give us some more perspective on what marketers should expect from personalisation in 2023, I asked the opinions of some experts at AI-powered SaaS content platforms Movable Ink and Phrasee, as well as some ad targeting and data specialists (from InfoSum, Innovid, Space & Time, TripleLift, Wunderkind, Zefr). Econsultancy members can also consult our new Personalisation Best Practice Guide.

With uncertainty brought about by targeting constraints, changing consumer behaviour and privacy laws, what’s next for personalisation?

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Six essential capabilities for personalisation

Covid-19 has accelerated the importance of digital transformation. Suddenly digital is the ONLY way many companies can deliver their experiences to consumers. Of course, just having a digital channel is no longer enough. Everyone wants to deliver personalised experiences to their audiences, but how exactly do you do that? Personalisation is not easy to do, […]

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What is CRM and why do you need it?

When people in marketing talk about CRM, they typically mean one of two things: the practice of CRM, which stands for customer relationship management; or CRM systems, the platforms that enable marketers to carry out customer relationship management. The two are pretty closely linked, as if you’re considering improving or building a strategy for CRM […]

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WW’s Tony Miller on personalisation: “consumers want more than just a message that is based on some data”

Tony Miller is VP, Growth and Performance Marketing at WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers), which is now helping more than five million members around the world lose weight and build a healthier lifestyle. Miller recently spoke at Econsultancy Live about how WW uses data-driven personalisation to forge meaningful (and long-lasting) connections with consumers. Creating […]