Video is a fast-growing segment, giving marketers the chance to add rich media content to their campaigns, while audio advertising is also on the rise thanks to the popularity of audiobooks and podcasts as consumers seek content they can listen to on the go.

Video ads provide an eye-catching and immersive creative medium for marketers to deploy, while audio ads offer opportunities for intimate one-to-one engagement. Both formats can be used across the funnel to drive awareness, consideration and conversion.

This report explores the various forms of video and audio advertising currently available, offering best practice guidance on incorporating video and audio ads into paid search campaigns. It covers:

  • Brand opportunity: With research indicating a majority of consumers use online videos to help with their purchase decisions, the opportunity for advertisers is significant. What are the different targeting and promotion options available to advertisers seeking to reach highly receptive and engaged audiences?
  • Video action campaigns: How does this Google Merchant Center campaign type differ from regular video advertising, and how can advertisers best make use of it?
  • Audio advertising: YouTube launched audio ads in October 2022, giving advertisers the opportunity to tap into its audience of listeners. What are the key components and opportunities of this format?
  • Measuring success: What are the key metrics and tools that advertisers should use to evaluate performance and optimise for success?

This report is part of Econsultancy’s Paid Search Best Practice Bundle and has been created with the help and frontline insight of expert paid search practitioners to help marketers succeed in their paid search strategy.