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About this learning plan

This learning plan focuses on the skills required to pull three critical levers of ecommerce optimisation – persuasion, pricing, and product content.

  • Persuasion is the art of ethically using psychological techniques to help shoppers progress through the conversion funnel, make a purchase without friction and feel good about their decision.
  • Pricing approaches are varied and typically determined by the brand or business model, but we do have significant control over how to show and work with pricing to improve performance.
  • Product content (or product data) is the key to our position on the digital shelf and demonstrating value to prospects.

Put together, these critical areas of ecommerce will raise the ceiling on your knowledge and impact.

Course 1: Mastering Pricing Strategies for the Digital Store

Learn the practice of pricing, from essential strategies to specific tactics on how to boost cart size and use discounts effectively.

Lessons include:

  • Pricing Principles & Strategies
  • Using Psychological Pricing Techniques
  • Pricing Tactics to Boost Cart Size
  • Using Discounts Effectively
  • Monitoring and Testing Product Pricing

Course 2: Mastering Product Content for the Digital Store

Discover how to create and manage high quality product data to boost visibility and sales.

Lessons include:

  • Writing Winning Product Titles
  • Quality Lead Images & Media Galleries
  • Enriching Product Details Page Content
  • Automating Product Data Management
  • The Value of User-Generated Content

Course 3: Persuasion Architecture and Tactics for the Digital Store

Master the key principles and techniques of persuasion in the ecommerce journey.

Lessons include:

  • Building Your Persuasion Architecture
  • The Principles of Commitment – Encouraging Positive Shopper Reactions
  • Leveraging Social Influence
  • Measuring The Impact of Persuasion


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Members can explore courses in the Econsultancy Skills Cloud.