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The paid social landscape: from TikTok growth to AI-powered buying

Paid social media strategies have continued to evolve in the past couple of years, reflecting a mix of technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviour, and the need to stand out in an increasingly crowded online space.    But what is impacting the market now? From the continuation of a volatile digital ad market to new platform […]

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The changing CTV landscape

This briefing is part of our Digital Transformation Monthly series which looks at broad digital trends impacting brands. This edition examines recent developments in the worlds of streaming and CTV, in the context of the longer-term decline in broadcast TV viewership.

A day in the life of… Sarah Keller, Chief Global Enterprise Officer at Global Message Services

Sarah Keller is the Chief Global Enterprise Officer at Global Message Services (GMS), a messaging platform that provides enterprise solutions in SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications and chatbots, amongst other channels. We asked Keller about the value of messaging for customer engagement, how brands can ensure consumer privacy, and the opportunities afforded by automation. Tell me about […]